Xcalak Bonefishing

Xcalak  (I have no idea how to pronounce that) is waaaay down there in Mexico… past Cancun, past Ascencion Bay, almost to Belize.  On spectrum of cost, Xcalak is on the low end for lodges and guides, although its location makes it a little difficult to get to.  I found this video fresh off the internets.

This trip was with Bahia Blanca.

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  1. Bjorn,

    Ever look for places to camp in some of these exotic locations? Would cut the cost quite a bit me thinks…or are you one of those resort dudes?

  2. Hello Bjorn,

    Its pronounced eesh-ka-lack.

    I’m not able to watch the video for some reason.

    While staying at El Pescador Lodge in Belize, we’ve seen boats from there flyfishing in the Bacalar Chico Reserve. Dan Blanton’s board has a had a few posts on ocassion.


  3. @Rob, not a resort dude, really… just easier to find videos from folks staying at resorts. I look for alternatives from time to time, but didn’t on this post.
    @Glenn, I don’t know why the video isn’t playing for you… it played for me straight off. I watch Blanton’s Board, so I’ll keep an eye out for that.

  4. Hey Bjorn,
    Really like your blog. Quiet about Xcalak! Like you, I spend most of my time trout fishing, but the wife and I head to Xcalak two weeks each spring for the bones. It’s cheaper to stay at one of the non fishing lodges down there and book guides on your own and DIY.

  5. Hey Nate, certainly looks like a good time. I’d love to make it down there.

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