Xcalak Bonefish

Xcalak… Mexico… bonefish.

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  1. Not to be judgmental (since I know we’ve all had to fish with a hangover before), but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone enjoy catching a bonefish less… or at least, I couldn’t tell if he was enjoying it. Maybe it’s a cultural thing: people from wherever these dudes are from don’t smile while hooked up to bonefish… or whoop, or holler, or yell crazy expletives, or all the other things I’m guilty of. Either way, it’s weird.

  2. yeah, I kind of had that thought too… the fish did its part though.

    Maybe the guy is German or something… some place they don’t let you smile in public (sorry to the 20 Germans that have visited in the last month, just an impression).

  3. Funny comment.. I`ve seen it my self, your right! I don`t look very happy about it…….!! I think I was very focused not to snag it in the mangroves… I think it was my 16th bonefish that day, and I caught a permit one hour or so before this, so I might have been a bit calm. But we had a blast. We are Norwegians by the way…;-) I`m sorry if you think I didn`t pay the bonefish more credit….but I truly enjoyed it!

    Tight lines!

  4. Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Focus can be forgiven, I’d say.
    Norwegian is a good thing to be, even if I am 3rd generation American.

  5. Hi
    Going to Xcalak on our way down ti Belize. My wife and our 2 friends
    are not anglers. But I always bring a 5 and a 8 rod whereever we go.
    Björn seems to fich with a guide. I can only affort this one day. How about finding spots from shore? We stay at a Casa 7.5 km north of Xcalak and have a car. Would live info o fcourse.

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