Xcalak on a Monday

Yesterday was a busy day… went down to Monterey to the aquarium which is always a good time and then in the evening I had to do some work.  That left me a bit out of time to do the stuff I normally do… like look for stuff to put on the blog.  Youtube came to the rescue.

Xcalak is what I turned up… if you had a really good arm (or a cannon) you could hit Xcalak from Belize, where I’ll be in November.

I’m sure the guide from this trip would not like to have his fish size estimation skills down in video… what he says is “5 pounds” just isn’t… it isn’t close.  It might be 2.5, but it isn’t on the good side of 3, I’d say.  Bonefish are great fish… wonderful fish, they don’t require embellishment.  I urge you all, don’t add a pound and don’t do the extended-arm-perspective-trick in the photo.  It cheapens the fish.  I’d love to catch a bunch of 2.5 pounders… in fact, I may just do that.  I won’t call them 5 if they aren’t… I don’t need to… I like 2.5 pound bonefish.


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  1. I don’t suppose theres much wrong for a guide to stroke their clients ego abit…but this goes a little overboard. I wonder?…was he looking for a 5lb tip?

  2. That could be. I just think it is too bad for the angler… he’s going to show that video to his buddies and they are going to call BS on him… I have seen plenty of folks add an inch or pound, but not doubling the size of the fish… maybe there was some sort of metric-to-standard problem… or, maybe the camera takes away 50% of the size of the fish.

    That is wasn’t 5 doesn’t mean it isn’t a nice fish… for trout, the little fish are almost always the prettiest. My first solo bonefish was probably a couple ounces shy of a pound… but it was my first solo fish and it was beautiful.

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