My plug for BTT

I just gave the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust $200. If you are in a position to do something similar, I’d urge you to think about it.

This is our conservation organization. They are looking out for the fish we love and the places where those fish live (and the economies that depend on those fish as well).

They are science driven, which, oddly, puts them at odds with some people, but I’m in the “pro-science” camp (how is there even an anti-science camp?).

They have big challenges ahead of them as the earth gets warmer, development pressures increase and marine ecosystems in general come under more and more threat. We need to support these guys and their work.

Go on. Do it.



Give, and you get... of course, you get fish, which is way more than anyone could ask for.

Give, and you get… of course, you get fish, which is way more than anyone could ask for.

Norman tagging a bonefish for BTT

Norman tagging a bonefish for BTT

yeah...  what he said.

yeah… what he said.


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  1. Total agreement about BTT, Bjorn. I’m an avid supporter as well. One additional thing for anyone headed out to a bonefish or tarpon destination. A month or so before you go, check in with BTT and see if you can help out with some tagging or DNA sampling. A buddy and I just came back from Kiritimati and after talking to BTT research folks, they sent us a couple kits and we captured a bunch of bonefish fin clips they’ll use to further their bonefish DNA mapping. It’s hard for politicos or anyone else to argue with good, solid, factual science.

  2. Hope you are doing well Doug. Hope we fish together again at some point.

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