A cool thing about trout fishing

While up at my folks’ place last weekend I got out for a couple hours on my home water. One thing struck me which I really like about trout fishing and you don’t get on a bonefish flat… seeing a trout come up and take a dry fly from 8 feet away. Seeing the fish slide up and pick your fly off the surface of the water and then submerge… that’s just cool.

upper sac trout july

This fish at a dry.

Trout fishing, for me, is done largely within a ring of 15 feet or so. Most fish are actually caught within 8. You are right there, right next to the fish, even if you can’t see it.

Some folks catch bonefish that close in, but it is a rarity. For me, it is a rarity to catch a trout at anything like the normal distance I routinely catch a bonefish at. Trout are up close and personal.

The slightly ironic part is that while the trout is so close, I can’t see them in the water, while the bonefish is at 50′ and I can see the even out at 10X the distance.

I do like high sticking a dry fly in a pocket and seeing the fish take the fly. It reminds me, ever so gently, why I started to really love fly fishing in the first place.



  1. PLEASE come snook fish one night with me on your next FL trip . . . nothing quite as exhilarating as 2 or 3 5-6 lb fish competing for your fly and then making a racket like someone dropped a potato in the water as they slurp it off the top . . .

  2. bonefishbjorn

    That does sound fun!

  3. Sat on my arse and dapped for tailing bonefish all arround me a number of times – it does happen if you are stealthy and put the time in

  4. bonefishbjorn

    I know it CAN happen… it just doesn’t happen often, while I can go out to my home stream and get it to happen about 80% of the time, within 30 minutes. It is magic-on-demand.

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