Bonefish Fly Lines

Deneki had some thoughts about Rio fly lines.  It’s worth a read.

Rio Bonefish Line

Others have been asking questions about what line is best as well.  Here’s a conversation from the Dan Blanton Board.

This forum member was a fan of the Rio line as well.

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  1. I’ve really started to have my doubts regarding the objectivity of Deneki’s gear suggestions. Pretty certain they are affiliated with Rio, Sage and Simms. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it’d be nice if they were up front stating their relationship if indeed there is one.

  2. I know that is a concern for lots of people in the world of social media… who is getting paid for what, or just getting what for free. I can’t really answer that. Deneki puts out lots and lots of content, which is nice for me. I’ve met him, seems like a nice guy. He certainly has more experience than I do. I’d love to be in a position to tell you what bonefish line I like best, but since I’ve only ever bought two, and they were both the SA line (one 7, one 9) I have not a clue. That’s why I looked for what others had said. I found the Reel-Time forum info, but not much else in terms of reviews go. Just know I’ll try to present context with whatever information I find and try and put out.

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