Great Honeymoon or The Greatest Honeymoon?

It has been said before, I’m a lucky guy. I managed to find a smart, beautiful woman who not only would agree to marry me, but would also agree to go to Belize, to El Pescador, for our honeymoon. How awesome is that?

I wanted to share my love of the flats with my new wife, but I also wanted to have other activities to do on our honeymoon (beyond the activities that normally come to mind). El Pescador proved to be exactly what we wanted. Not only did we get some fishing in, but there were other experiences that we both really enjoyed.

We snorkeled with sharks and rays. We saw Mayan ruins. We spent a little time in San Pedro. We walked on the beach. We sat by the pool. We ate. We drank. We read. We pretty much thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

While the new Mrs. got massages, I took a kayak out in the lagoon in back, finding fish each time. I even managed to get a couple of bonefish off the dock, which was a total bonus (there was even feeding of tarpon, which was totally ruling).

Nurse Shark, snorkeling with El Pescador.

My wife wanted me to mention specifically how good the food was. It was pretty good. We even had a private dinner arranged at the end of the dock, and that was a special experience.

Pork, Chicken, Lobster, Beef and various kinds of fish. It was great. All of it. We both ate too much. There was dessert every night.

One sure way I know the honeymoon was a success… she says we can go back for our anniversary (she says 5th, I’m thinking 1/5).

Basically, it was wonderful.

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  1. Welcome Mrs. BOB! I suppose you will be imputing some of your flair. on the blog since you had already some input about the food! Have a nice life together! It will be interesting to see how you affect the postings! Fish on! Eric

  2. I foresee someone getting bit by the bug and joining the worldwide fishing community. Maybe even post a couple of blog entries. Glad you found an understanding woman you can share your adiction… er… hobby with.

  3. Congrats on the marriage and honeymoon . . . and glad you were able to squeeze in a bit of fishing. Tight lines . . . -Travis

  4. a good woman and a honeymoon in paradise – that’s a double haul of the best kind; congrats Bjorn

  5. She’s a keeper! <— fishing/relationship cliché.

  6. Your smiles say it all…although it’s painfully obvious Bjorn that you didn’t wear your Buff. That’s some fishermans tan/burn he he!


  7. nice catch. El P is special to us as well , and as with you it is much more than about the fishing. cheers. soft landings. (good call with the 1/5th anniversary…)

  8. Funny thing… I DID wear my buff… every day, but man, I still get fried.

    Wonderful trip. Can’t wait to go back.

  9. Congratulations Bjorn! What a great way to start your lives together. Did you hookup with any tarpon paddling in the back?

  10. Thanks!

    I had shots at tarpon, but not out in the back. I had seen some right in back in 2010, but didn’t find those this time. I had shots at both the babies and the big boys and I ended up goose eggs for landed tarpon. Jumped 3 and fed 7, total. That’s fishing.

  11. Someone punching well above there weight !!!!!!

  12. El Pescador has a lagoon? Or did you mean the lagoon where the Sunset Grill is located? So glad you had a wonderful trip. Congrats!

  13. Yup, right out back. You can take a kayak or canoe out there, has its own dock. It is the same lagoon as the Sunset Grill, just further North.

  14. Non fishing comment:

    You guys look SO cute!!!!!!

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