Cruise ships make me sad, Belize Edition

Norwegian Cruise Line is preparing to screw up Belize.

“Norwegian Cruise Line has bought two islands in southern Belize to develop as a port of call for its western Caribbean cruises.” Read more here

Every time someone boards a cruise ship bound for the Caribbean destination, God kills a puppy.

Not everyone in Belize is on board with the project.

The areas to be impacted largely are just south of Placencia. It can’t be good.

Bye bye Harvest Caye.

Bye bye Harvest Caye.

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  1. kevin carmichael

    That truly sucks…..

  2. Accepting Cruise Ship traffic is tantamount prostituting ones country. A short term gain and a long term permanent deficit to the biosphere of Belize and the Caribbean.
    There are plenty of existing locations for the trinket shoppers to make landfall.

  3. kevin carmichael

    To expand a bit on my earlier comment…I know so many of my friends in Belize are VERY aware of the richness of their country environmentally and have done much work to preserve what they have. I have tremendous respect for the great work the people of Belize have done. Still, especially in hard times, the dollars big companies can dangle and the deals they can make have a way of crushing the efforts of the many.

  4. Charleston. Key West. Belize. Same song and dance. Makes my heart hurt.

  5. The greed of a few vs the harm to the many is truly apaling
    My wife wants to go “on a cruise” – because a lot of her friends do – she really does not understand my opposition – I cannot surport that industry

  6. Please take the opportunity to educate me a little. Other than the annoyance of more waddling gringos, what are the significant drawbacks to cruise lines. Specifically, is it the expansion into areas and atolls where they are not found now and general environmental impact on non-populated lands/reefs etc.?

  7. I’d say my objection has nothing to do with there just being more people. They’ll need to dredge, destroying any bit of bottom they do that to. They’ll build, which means ripping out mangroves and filling in the tidal flats. The habitat there now will be basically destroyed. I read there are manatee breading areas there and I’d bet you can count those out too. There is the disposal of waste and the production of electricity needed to support something like this. There are a thousand cuts, some deeper than others, and they erode and destroy what is worth going all that way to see.

  8. Hey Bjorn – don’t want to overstep my bounds here, but this is a great article, particularly regarding the Keys, but it would be applicable everywhere – food waste is also a HUGE problem . . .

    Got this article from Will:

  9. Not overstepping at all. Thanks for sharing!

  10. […] I wathced this video several months ago and meant to post it to the Headhunter. Fortunately, our buddy Bjorn over at Bonefish on the Brain reminded me about it. You can also read about cruise ship threats to skinny water habitat in Belize on his blog. […]

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