FIBFest Closes (sadly)

It has been a great, great week here in South Andros.  Today is the departure day… as you read this I am either in an airport or on a plane.

Here are a few things I learned this week…

– My casting is better than I give myself credit for… someone even said there is a “grace” about my casting.  That was a surprise.

– Given the right combination of factors, I can still trout set like a mo-fo.

– I really like fishing for cudas… even if that means trolling.

– A head lamp is a MUST HAVE on my next trip.

– My core belief that “modern gear is all pretty good” is being a little shaken.

– I may have a good business idea.

– Night fishing is full of danger and possibility.

– My flies worked.

– I need to find some sun gloves that I actually want to wear.

– The guides who were supposed to be “tough” weren’t.  They were honest and it didn’t bother me in the slightest.

– A guide who sings and laughs may be the most fun to fish with.

– I really, really want to come back here.

    (photo credit Tom Larimer)

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    1. Frank Dalziel

      Hi Bjorn: Sounds like a pretty special place. Like many of the folks I fish with, the duration of my first trip was one week. It seemed like a lot but was finished before I was fully unpacked (and unwound!). Now I book two weeks and find that to be so much better on body and mind.
      Glad you had a wonderful time. I will keep South Andros on my ‘bucket list!’. All the best, Frank

    2. I just wanted to say thank you for all your posts about Andros. They take me from the cold, wet spring weather of Idaho to that tropical wonderland where we would all like to be throwing a rubber leg gotcha. Interested to hear about your business idea.

    3. Aitutakiflyfish

      Warm weather, white sands, screaming reels and a cold beer with friends on the beach. I’m glad you got some time in on the dream. Thanks for the posts.

    4. Dude, very, very nice… much, much better than my trip (which you’ll read all about soon, probably). So, my main question is, what modern tackle shook your faith? I really wanna know that.

      Tight lines and cheers.

    5. bonefishbjorn

      Well Davin, my TFO reel may be terminal, but I need to look into that more. One of the reels I took to may have gone south. I had some issues with the cork grips on a couple of the rods. One of the lines began to come apart (I think due to sharp limestone). I had to think more about gear on this trip than I have had to do in some time.

    6. Interesting… can’t wait to hear more. Welcome home.

    7. Grace is a good thing and what’s even better…you caught A LOT of bonefish with those casting skills. I still stand impressed. So can we go back NOW??? It’s been too long in my humble opinion!

    8. bonefishbjorn

      Oh, Andros… why are you so far away!? I’d love to go back… love to… that place rocks so hard.
      I actually took a rod out yesterday and practiced casting… still trying to figure out why my backhand cast looks so good.

    9. I’m curious about the rod issues. What rod gave you grief?

    10. The biggest bummer was my TFO reel that got sick and just didn’t seem right. Thisnhas been a good reel for the past two years and I’m not sure what went haywire. The rods I had along performed well. The Rise was my go to stick and I fished a bit with the two Redingtons. The Redingtons could stand an upgrade on their cork, but otherwise I was pleased, especially with the 10 wt.

    11. Thanks! I’ve been thinking about a Rise for striper fishing out here on the west coast and thought an 8 wt might work if I ever get that flats experience for bones. I was curious if the TFO was the problem rod. Also, The Fly Shop has “custom rods” with 2 tips. Wondering if they are from the same provider.

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