Jan 16

Bloomberg goes Bonefishing

Found this story about a trip to Bairs in South Andros by a Bloomberg reporter.

It has many of the elements I’ve come to know from my forays to the tropics. The small planes, the highly enjoyable lodges, the good fishing, the tough fishing and the thrill of it all.

I’ve both been the guy who has less experience and does the flailing, and I’ve been the guy with more experience watching my boat-mate struggle. I prefer being the the second camp, as I think everyone does. When I’ve been the guy having a hard time I’ve felt the pressure, largely placed there by myself, to pull out a better cast and to make things happen, which is usually when they fall apart.

Makes me want to get fishing though, that’s for sure.

That there is Andros.

That there is Andros.

Dec 12

Rajeff, casting, wind, Andros

Yeah… likely worth a watch. Tim Rajeff on casting in the wind in South Andros.

May 11

One of the best bars anywhere…

It just so happens that there’s a great local bar at the put in. It’s commonly know as the ‘Little Creek Bar’ even though its real name is the ‘New Ocean View’. The Sands family runs the bar, and yes, that is indeed the clan of our legendary guide Josie Sands.

via Little Creek Bar | Local Bar at Andros South.

Yeah… it’s a nice place… a very nice place.  It isn’t really too fancy (or fancy in any way, shape or form).  It is right where you want a bar though… right at the put-in/take-out down there in South Andros.

Those beers taste extra good, somehow.

A beer at the end of the day... nice.

Photo by Cameron.

PS – Today is my first day on the new job… Business Development Manager at Whodini.  I’m guessing there will be fewer co-workers walking around in their underpants than in my last job as a stay-at-home dad… I hope, at least.


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Apr 11

FIBFest Closes (sadly)

It has been a great, great week here in South Andros.  Today is the departure day… as you read this I am either in an airport or on a plane.

Here are a few things I learned this week…

– My casting is better than I give myself credit for… someone even said there is a “grace” about my casting.  That was a surprise.

– Given the right combination of factors, I can still trout set like a mo-fo.

– I really like fishing for cudas… even if that means trolling.

– A head lamp is a MUST HAVE on my next trip.

– My core belief that “modern gear is all pretty good” is being a little shaken.

– I may have a good business idea.

– Night fishing is full of danger and possibility.

– My flies worked.

– I need to find some sun gloves that I actually want to wear.

– The guides who were supposed to be “tough” weren’t.  They were honest and it didn’t bother me in the slightest.

– A guide who sings and laughs may be the most fun to fish with.

– I really, really want to come back here.

    (photo credit Tom Larimer)

    Jan 11

    Harmonic Convergence – Andros 2011

    A small miracle has occurred here… I’m not sure who gets the credit for it towards sainthood.  I may be my wife and that would make three in her favor… the first was her marrying me, the second was her making it through a sucky pregnancy to give us our beautiful daughter and this third one involves her signing off on me going on a fishing trip, for a week, to South Andros this coming March (that’s like… only TWO MONTHS AWAY).  I await word from the Catholic Church on the beatification of my wife, although we are not Catholic.

    Fractional miracle credit goes to my parents, who are actually available to come down and watch our their granddaughter in my absence, and to the good folks at Deneki Outdoors, who extended the invite as part of FIBFest 2011.

    Everything had to align and it did.  Thanks to that, I’ll be headed to Andros Island, fabled land of incredible bonefishing, come late March.

    You good folks will get to come along (not literally, of course) and I look forward to the build up.  It is so nice to have something out there to look forward to, to plan, to tie for, to experience and then remember.

    I’m lucky and I live with a saint.

    FIBFest 2010... which I had to miss.

    More details will be emerging in the days to come.


    Jan 11

    South Andros trip primer From Salty Shores

    A no nonsense, no fluff guide to fishing South Andros Bahamas. (mainly because I’m too lazy to type a novel) 😉

    via South Andros bonefishing trip primer, part 3: The fishing.

    Well… I’d say this is worth a look.  Sam Root over at Salty Shores is one hell of a photographer too.  Sam put together a few posts about his South Andros experiences and I’d say they are worth reading.  Check them out.

    Oct 10

    apparel and fishing gear for South Andros via Salty Shores

    The Salty Shores site is a pretty neat place, mostly for the stunning photography.  I know that Sam recently went to Andros (thanks Facebook) and so I was pleased to see some Androsian content come up on the Salty Shores site.  Here is a trip primer focused on gear and clothes for your South Andros trip.

    Every time I travel to different area and I always wonder what to bring with me. I know you can do your research and talked to friends. Invariably though you forget or get wrong information at times.

    via South Andros bonefishing trip primer, part 1: apparel and fishing gear.

    Jun 10

    Torrie Bevans and the Greedy Bonefish

    Here is guide Torrie Bevans from Andros South sharing a story about a memorable bonefish.  Andros South is operated by one of our favs, Deneki Outdoors.

    Oct 09

    Want to go Bonefishing for FREE??

    UPDATE: This promotion is over.  I didn’t win… which makes me think it was totally fixed!  How could I have not been drawn out of the hundreds or thousands that entered???

    That’s a silly question isn’t it?  Kind of like “would you like to be happy?” or “would you like a Newcastle?”  Silly questions indeed.

    Well, Deneki Outdoors has a give away going on and all you have to do is sign up for their blog newsletter.  Um… that’s easy.

    In the interests of both telling folks about cool bonefishing news and thining out the competition, I should tell you that the blog updates each are 28 MB and clog your in-box and are full of naked pictures of Janet Reno.  Yeah, you may not want to  sign up… ya know… I’ll take one for the team and let you know if anything interesting is in there.  😉

    Their lodge  is on South Andros and, sadly, looks fantastic.  I say sadly because, sadly, I’m not there and likely won’t win.  I know I should be happy for whoever wins… but I won’t be.  I’ll be bitter and angry, probably for months/years.

    I seem to write a lot about Deneki Outdoors and that is for one simple reason… they (really, he) consistently put out interesting/informative content about bonefish.

    Oct 09

    You + BTT + South Andros = Good times

    Now, I’m not at the point in my life where $4,000 fishing trips are within reach.  If, however, I were in that position, I can tell you where else I’d be… South Andros from Dec. 5th to the 12th for a week at Deneki Outdoorslodge along with some of the good folks from the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.  BTT does this every so often and it just seems like a pretty amazing experience, if, ya know, you like bonefish.  $1,000 from the cost of the trip will go to help BTT on their planned study of the economic value of the Bahamian Bonefish.  This is the sort of study that has been done in Florida that put the $75,000 value on each bonefish in the FL fishery.  Kind of important and valuable information that can drive all sorts of conservation/land use decisions.

    As an example of how that plays out, Deneki Outdoors’ website shared this:

    Quantifying the economic importance of the recreational bonefish fishery should provide leverage for improving conservation measures toward protecting healthy bonefish populations in The Bahamas. In Belize, for example, a similar study found that the ecotourism-related expenditures for recreational fishing for bonefish, tarpon, and permit exceeded $50 million per year. Based on this study the Belize Legislature passed legislation making bonefish, tarpon, and permit catch and release gamefish. We anticipate that the economic value in The Bahamas to be much greater, and to spur strong conservation measures.

    Joining from BTT will be the captain, Aaron Adams (this guy co-wrote Chico Fernandez’s book on flyfishing for bonefish), and Stu Apte.

    You do all the normal bonefishing you’d normally do, but you also get to hear about bonefish from a couple guys that have forgotten as much as the rest of us will probably ever know about the phantoms  of the flats.

    To review… catch bonefish in South Andros, help support the fishery as too few have and learn more about the fish from two anglers who have an incredible depth and breadth of bonefish knowledge.