Finning, sharks and Ted Williams

Yeah, I kind of like this, both the story and the idea of stopping shark finning.  Here is a bit of the story, relating directly to bonefish.

“You see all dat black,” says Moxey casually. “Dat’s all bonefishes. Stay in the boat till the tide fall.” The black is the shadows cast by the iridescent-silver fish. They’re being pushed from deep water by at least 200 lemon sharks. Geysers erupt all around us. Dark dorsal fins and golden backs cleave the flat at appalling speed, sending bonefish into the air like welding sparks. I can’t stand the wait.

I’ve been on flats in Andros with sharks circling (but not 200) and I swam with sharks in Belize. I love sharks and I understand that apex predators are important.

According to the best data, fins from 26 million to 73 million sharks are annually traded on the global market.

A leopard shark from the Bay, and my girl.

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  1. Been seeing lots of sharks here on abaco. It means a healthy ecosystem.

  2. Hey, lets get that shark back in the water ……..

  3. Ha… that shark is just fine, thanks.

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