Sandy, looking like bad news

I live in the Bay Area. That means a few things. First, I’m enjoying watching baseball these days. Secondly, I get to occasionally wonder if there is going to be an 8.0 earthquake while I’m driving across the Bay on my way to and from work.  Earthquakes are really the main natural disaster here… that and some insect that could destroy our wine producing grapes.

Out there in the Caribbean though they have hurricanes. Sooner or later and there is going to be one coming your way and right now Hurricane Sandy is pointing pretty squarely at New Providence, Eluthera, Abaco, Grand Bahama and Exuma, among others (really almost all of the Bahamas could be impacted).

The storm surge could be 4-7 FEET.

Stay safe everyone.

Well… that doesn’t look good.

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  1. My wife and I are vacationing here on Abaco. Yesterday we helped the owner of the cottage batton down the hatches. Now we are just waiting to see what happens.

  2. Hey Bjorn; currently on Grand Bahama getting ready for Sandy to hit. Fishing has been good so far but now just battening down the hatches.

  3. A little unusual to have one this late in the year too. Sending positive vibes to all our friends in the islands.

  4. Stay safe!

  5. Interesting times in Abaco. Any bonefish landed?

  6. Article in this morning’s paper is calling it “Frankenstorm” when it reaches New Jersey. Combination of Arctic cold front, hurricane winds, and wet humidity from the east all meeting for a jolly good time in New Jersey around about Wednesday. Will likely screw up some kid’s big Halloween plans.

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