Fish for everyone. Day 2 on Long Island

Everyone caught fish today, which makes it a good day.

Long Island cloud

The weather mostly cooperated, although Mark and I got soaked briefly. These things happen.

You do a lot of wading here and I’ve never cast at fish so shallow as I have here this week. Often times the fish’s back is out of the water. With such skinny water I’m finding my #6’s are not so hot and don’t even try a #4. I’ve been fishing #8’s and that seems to be the ticket. Aaron brought along his tying stuff and I managed to squeak out a few #8 gotchas with my supply dwindling quickly.

Long Island bonefish2

bonefish dark sky long island

Hello Long Island Bonefish

We caught fish. Mostly in the 3 pound range today, although we saw bigger fish, they were not to be ours on the day. Mark and I saw a large number of fish, although the tailers in the AM were particularly difficult. Spooky fish!

Fished with Champ today. Champ is a big man with massive hands and tough feet. He suggested I keep my boots on when out of the flats, while he didn’t wear any. I think he could walk on coral and not get injured.

champ long islandA good day on Long Island here at the Greenwich Creek Lodge.

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  1. Great you all caught fish! 3 pounders are a respectable size and will get you into your backing at least once! I’ve found that Tailers or Finners in very shallow water are very spooky. I think their “cone of vision” is overrated. I think they sense you 100s of feet away from your wading noise, rod flash even at 100 feet! You get the picture… I’m wondering if the best way to get shallow cruisers is to ambush them! Somehow get in front of them and don’t move. When you try to chase them or closing in on them head to head the’ll spook! -they are often pass up a good 80 foot cast since they are forewarned!

    Interesting trout vision article with bonefish leader length implications.

    The bonefish swap flies came in yesterday. They are beautiful and you did a super job shipping. I’m sending you $10 for S&H! Thank you very much for doing it. While I can identify many of the flies it would be nice if the tiers can name them/give material & tying instructions! What do you think?

    Have fun for the rest of your week. Hope you break your double digit goal!

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