For the Ladies – Bonefishing School

The folks at Deneki are hosting a bonefishing school for women down at Andros South.


At the school will be Kara Armano and Bruce Chard, as well as the guides and good folk at Andros South.

Building on the success of our very popular Bonefishing School program, our Women’s School will be co-hosted by Kara Armano and Bruce Chard.  You’ll get hands-on instruction from the best in the business, plenty of time on the legendary flats of Andros Island, and the company of a bunch of women who love fishing as much as you do – what could be better?

Now, I think my future Mrs. Bonefishonthebrain might not be totally set for this just yet and won’t have the vacation time anyway, but man… how fantastic would it be for her to have a safe and supportive place to connect with the flats and the fish that live there?

I’ve been to Andros South and it is still a place I keep close to my heart/soul. The wildness of the place and the beauty of the countryside are really mind-numbing.

Hope it fills up and creates some lasting impressions.

Andros South, for the ladies.

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  1. Hey Bjorn!,

    A fine though somewhat laughable scenario would be to see Renee receive an invitation from Andros South to come down and join the school (being a complete and utter novice to the game). What better advertisement could there be than to have her attend and put 2 +2 together culminating in her first fly caught bonefish!

    The laughable part would be…she would be allowed to bring a “non fishing” companion with her…he he!!! I doubt you could stand it.


  2. That wouldn’t suck. I think if she got really into bonefishing there would be zero downside for me… well… she might insist on using my best gear, I suppose, but I’d still be OK with that.

  3. You’d go bat$#!t crazy and tie a million flies and drink all their Kalik. Truth. 😉

  4. Yeah, but I’d also fish on my own. I could pull it off, but sadly, there has been no such offer! Pretty lucky to have had one gratis trip to Andros.

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