Save everything

Save Bristol Bay.

Save the Tarpon.

Save the Bluefin Tuna.

Save the Grouper.

Save the Sharks.

It is easy to get “Save-the” fatigue. Everywhere there are threats. Everywhere there is someone crying out for help to save something they love or need or value.

And it is all true. It is all under threat. Everywhere, it seems.

A friend mentions having bluefin tuna at a sushi place. A friend says he loves bbq’ing salmon. Shark is on the menu.

It is hard to care about all this stuff and to walk through life without burning bridges and fine dining establishments. I’m not sure what the answer is, really. This isn’t a post about answers. I’m just wondering if A) it’s always been like this. B) it’s getting worse. C) where it all ends.

TED… hope you have some answers.



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  1. Doug Jeffries

    In my opinion the long range solution to most of these types of issues is population control. Think about it: water – the more people, the more food and land is needed, the more water is needed to nourish it. Trash – the more people, the more trash we make that has to be disposed of. Energy – the more people, the more energy is needed for electricity, cars, moving products around, etc. Traffic – ditto.

    But talking about population control is political suicide for any politician and for most anyone else who brings it up they’re immediately ostracized as Nazi-like control freaks. This earth and all it’s benefits are a closed system that has to remain in balance. Usage rate has to equal replacement rate or sooner or later things will get out of hand. Sure, human beings come up with some short term fixes like better farming techniques and better fuel efficient cars and high speed trains between San Fran and Lost Angeles (wait, that isn’t a solution to anything other than Jerry Moonbeam’s monument to himself), but in the long run, people are the key. And the number of people has to be controlled so the usage rates equal the replacement rates. That’s the world solution according to Doug anyway.

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