School getting more awesome in Aitutaki

Get this… they are going to introduce bonefish into the schools on Aitutaki.  That is cool.

The Education Minister, Teina Bishop, says the ministry is looking to introduce bonefishing into the curriculum of Aitutaki schools, and pearl farming for Penrhyn students to factor in education skills specific to each island in the country.

He says the ministry is focused on both academic study and, what he calls, education for life.

Well… that sounds pretty awesome. Kind of like “Trout in the Classroom” when you don’t have trout.

Nice fish Butch
Butch with a nice Aitutaki Bonefish

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  1. We are now in the middle of our Aitutaki Business Association Bonefish Event. I just got back from a second fly tying forum. Tomorrow we are having a opening party at the Aitutaki Game Fishing Club with the Prime Minister and our Minister of Marine Resources alnog with many other distinguished guests. Our competitors are Will Bauer and Rusty Chinins from the good old USA along with Peter Morse and Bret Wolf from Australia. The fishing event actually starts on Monday morning. They have been fishing and learning the flats for the last 3 days but have not landed any as of yet. They have hooked into some trophy bonefish but then again just hooking them is only part of the fishing process. Maybe tomorrow one of them will actually land one. Of course the winds are howling at about 25+ knots as they have been for the last 3 days. I’ll keep you updated on the program. Ian landed a hog of a bonefish yesterday and I got 2 nice bones today along with 3 trevally and a goat fish. Local knowledge is still winning out.

  2. Not much to say the man is a legend

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