Feb 11

Bonefish Art by Stan Harmon

I found this yesterday on-line… I like it… I like it very much.

Nice Stan... very nice.

The artist is Stan Harmon and you can find more of his art on his site.  The site says you should call for the price of the above bit of artistic awesomeness.  Given the beauty and subject matter, I’m going to guess that it is worth $3B… maybe more.

Feb 11


OK… things…

Looks like things are maybe not so bleak in Aitutaki and I hope that is the conclusion I’ll have when things are all rolled out…

Bjorn hi

There are detailed criteria, weightings and conditions outlined in the regulations. Much of the vetting and decision making will be the responsibility of the bonefish management committee, including what limits to put on the number of guides (the number recommended was 5). Obviously the regulations  weren’t designed to fit around individuals or the bonefish association but if applied properly it can lead to a fair and sustainable industry for the guides.

The core requirements for guides are (1) CI Boat Master Certificate, (2) Red Cross First Aid Certificate and (3) CI Tourism Accreditation. MMR has funded all these courses and others e.g. guide fishing training and small business management, although just 2 persons have completed the requirements so far.

Regards, Ben

There remain some questions about who exactly is on the committee and how they get there… but, this is a start.

Another thing… I like art… at least when it comes to fishing/fish art.  I’m still wondering how I feel about Bonefish Gyotaku for which, I think, the bonefish likely gave its life.  You can buy this on Etsy.

Bonefish as art

Another thing… speaking of fishing art… there is a new member to my little family… a Lamson Lightspeed 4… destined to tangle with cuda’s and I hope some tarpon, Dorado and other beeg fish swimming out in the ocean.

Isn't she beautiful? Pretty girl.

I’ve never caught a big cuda.  I hope to change that in March down at Andros South and that is the reel I’ll have on… well… a rod to be named later.

Aug 10

Skinny Water Culture Shwag

Soon after I had my religious bonefish experience in Hawaii I started looking for shirts with bonefish.  I didn’t find much off the bat.  My t-shirts fall into roughly two categories… short sleeved fish-themed shirts and longed sleeved fish-themed t-shirts.

Then… I found Skinny Water Culture.


That's beautiful

This is some good looking art… that’s right… I said it… “art.”  That bonefish is beautiful and primal and, well, everything I wanted in a fish-themed shirt.

Now, I just managed to give away a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses and that was pretty cool… so, I asked the guys at Skinny Water Culture and they said “sure, we’d love to give away some SWC gear.”

So, there… I’m going to give away something (actually, anything they have in stock in whatever size you might be).

So… here’s what I’m thinking.  I’d love to hear about your about your first bonefish.  You can put comments here or you can put a comment on the page created for this purpose.

For the record, I own two Skinny Water Culture shirts.  Both I paid full retail for.  See, I’m giving you a free shirt and I’m paying for them.  I try to do well by all you folks that honor me by actually reading what I write.

Aug 10

Skinny Water Culture — Chase Hancock “Bonefish Ghost” Shirt

I love this shirt.

$15.00 – On Sale

1st Series Signature Bonefish from Chase Hancock (SICK!)

via Skinny Water Culture — Chase Hancock “Bonefish Ghost” T Shirt (Short Sleeve).

This shirt is on sale… $15.00… I love this shirt.  You should buy this shirt.

Jun 10

Wild about Bonefish Glass

The Wild About Glass website has the art of David Oppenheimer.  Included in his portfolio are all sorts of inshore species… tarpon, snook, trout and, of course, bonefish.  The bonefish he has on offer is 32″.  You need to call or email David about pricing.

Nice looking fish.

I like this stuff.  My grandfather used to do stained glass… flowers, birds… good looking pieces of art that have hung in the windows of the various parts of our family for years.  Wouldn’t mind a bonefish in the window.

May 10

Bonefish art by Louie

I like it.

pearl bone by Louie

Check out his work here.

May 10

Abbey Nichols-Callaway does Bonefish

I saw a new e-zine called “Destination” today.  Nice little magazine with a LOT of flats and back country boats in it.  I also noticed some art and followed the link back to see more.  Abbey Nichols-Callaway is the artist.

My objective is to create excitement over single subjects using vivid colors and three dimensional textures, complimenting or blending them into the watercolor image. I tend to make my fish animated but use realistic details to capture specific species of which the work is based. My finished work exhibits lifelike, fluid motion due to the optical illusion created by the abstract colors and textured canvas. This personified approach results in unique pieces that represent my passion and respect for all aquatic life.

Some good looking stuff.

Mar 10

Fishartist does bonefish

Just a little sample of the pics up at Fishartist.com

Nice fish and a nice photo

You’ll not only find lots of photos on the site, but books and all sorts of  saltwatery goodness.

Feb 10


I love bonefish, I think that is pretty clear at this point. I also love the art of bonefish… the art of angling, of fly fishing.  I’m always on the lookout for new art (not that I can buy all this stuff, I just like looking at it and knowing that it is out there).  Found Fishartist.com today which has some great pics of bonefish and other species.  Jeremy Norris (I assume a relative of Chuck) is the artist.

Can’t link to the images, you’ll have to go see them yourself.  Good stuff though.

Dec 09

A Bonefish for Christmas

Seems a tall order… to get a bonefish for Christmas… but that’s what I got.

Ceramic Beauty

Ceramic Beauty

This bonefish was created by Fred Gordon, artist and guide up in Dunsmuir, CA.  Fred is as talented on the river as he is in the studio.

About a decade ago I was just really getting into fly fishing.  My dad had a day scheduled with Fred for closing day on the McCloud for what promised to be a great father-son trip.  Unfortunately, my dad then fell off a ladder and broke all sorts of bones that would be needed for a day on the water.  Fred and I went out by ourselves.  It was a magical day.  Fred taught me how to tight-line nymph, a technique that is deadly in the free-stone, pocket-water rivers of Northern CA.  I had 20-25 fish that day, including a couple browns around 20″.  It was a day that changed my life.  Before that day, fly fishing was a lot of fun.  After that day, fly fishing was an obsession.

We have three of Fred’s trout on our wall and  now, a bonefish.

Merry Christmas all.