The Skink Files – Foreign Sand

The US approved a plan to study how eroding US beaches could be made new again by, ya know, robbing other countries of their sand.

I have no doubt Skink would disapprove.

In fact, a foreign sand scheme was in a recent Carl Hiaasen book.

I would say “I can’t imagine a country in the Caribbean that would sell out like that.” but then… the Bahamas recently considered taking Chinese money to pimp their fishery and there was the one time a politician tried to sell off a graveyard in San Pedro… so, ya know… the intersection of soulless-greed and soul-destroying economic opportunity is nothing new and not exactly something confined to the island nations.

I would like to consider how Skink might respond.

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  1. Funny, these blundering idiots. They refuse to learn from mistakes.

  2. There’s enough Caribbean islands hard up for cash I don’t imagine the USA will have a problem finding one willing to sell them sand.

  3. Yeah… but they all live on tourism… that would seem self defeating.

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