My top fly from Andros

A few folks have asked… so… I gave it some thought.  I think this patterns was the one I wish I had more of down there in Andros at FIBFest.

Reverse Gotcha... bunny tail... rubber legs... ya know... "stuff"

Maybe this has a name… I’d think it is just a bit too similar to other patterns to have it’s own.  It’s goodness.  I added some UV Cure whatever to the back of the fly, which is a move I really, really like.  Some folks said it would make the fly land too heavy… I didn’t see that, but it is possible that would be an issue in really skinny water.  This fly is a #2… so… not little, but after reading some of Aaron Adams’ thoughts on the matter, I think we should probably move up a size or two on most of the flies we throw.

Hope this helps.

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  1. I did on the water!

  2. “The Crazy Bjorn”,” The Bjorn Gotcha” ?

  3. Did you catch a big one with that fly? A materials list would be nice but it looks pretty straight forward. I made some of the fly that you wrote me about. I don’t have time to get UV goo before my next trip but nail polish will work. I have to put lots of coats on it but I’m only going to only make about half a dozen. How about calling it the BOB MRI (your creation that looks into the mind of the bonefish!)
    Eric English MD

  4. Rubber legs. Rubber Legs. RUBBER LEGS!

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