Mar 15

Parks for the Bahamas

There is a push to get some new parks created in the Bahamas, specifically on Grand Bahama.

National Parks are created when a society decides it wants to protect its natural heritage. We’ve been very successful at this and our National Parks are crown jewels, special places.

I’m glad to see the Bahamas embracing what is special about their islands. I’m guessing that these parks would not ban bonefishing, as some of these parks are in the best stuff, especially the East End proposed park.

The site has videos you can watch with a bit more information about each proposed park. The East End park even has Flip catching a bonefish.


PS… If you’ve fished the East End, you’ve almost certainly been by the spot in the above picture. When I was last there I actually caught one or two bonefish right on this flat.

Nov 14


Yup, Thanksgiving was great and even now, I’m a bit stuffed (and yet still kind of eyeing the pumpkin pie). I did the whole thing… turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, dressing, raspberry jello salad. Turned out great and was happy to share it with family.

I made that.

I made that.

Thoughts are turning toward 2015 and what should be a pretty fantastic year.

First, I need to get 5 folks signed up for Grand Bahama. This trip doesn’t happen without the group, whoever that group turns out to be.

A Grand Bahama Bone

A Grand Bahama Bone

I’m starting to think about the patterns I really need for Water Cay, the things that have worked in Grand Bahama for me in the past, the things I’ve hears Scott talk about in terms of what has worked for him.

I’m thinking about gear and wondering how those knots would hold up against something truly large.

I’m making a list of gear that included my rain jacket and maybe getting hold some sunglasses more suited for low light situations.

2015… it’s going to be a good time.

Feb. 7-14, Water Cay Lodge – Hosted trip with Bonefish on the Brain through Angling Destinations. If you are interested, contact me at bjornorama@yahoo.com.

Nov 14

5 Reasons I’m Looking Forward to Water Cay

I’m hosting a trip through Angling Destinations to Water Cay on Feb. 7-14. There are five open spots and here are five reasons I’m looking forward to this trip.

A good sign.

  1. I love Grand Bahama. I’ve been to this island more than any other and I have some fantastic memories there. It is easy to get to and has some of the best bonefishing anywhere.
  2. February is a big fish time of year. Grand Bahama coughs up some really big fish and February is a big fish time on the calendar. This could be where my 10 pounder comes from. While no one can guarantee something like that, I can almost guarantee I’ll get a shot. What I do with the shot is up to me.
  3. The guides. I’ve heard so many really fantastic things about the guides out of Water Cay. It is always good being on the water with a guide who is infused with their local water.
  4. The AD Crowd. I hosted a trip this last year for Angling Destinations and had a grand time of it. We were down in Long Island in 2014 and the group was a lot of fun. I expect the same for Water Cay.
  5. Green Pastures. In February, while the weather might be tricky, the fish should have been rested for a couple months. That means that 10 pounder might be just a slight bit less spooky. That 9 pounder might be a little more forgiving.

If you are interested, contact me at bjornorama@yahoo.com.

Let’s go fishing.

#6 – Bonus Reason:

And all is well with the world.





Nov 14

Falling Back in Love with Bonefish

An interesting story about an angler falling back in love with bonefish with a trip to Grand Bahama.

One of the most glamorous sport fish in the world is Bonefish, and I fell out of love with those as well. I had fished for Bonefish from the Seychelles off the coast of Africa, Belize, Mexico and the outer Islands in the Bahamas.

I guess it is possible it could happen to me, but I have a long, long way to go.

Read the story… it has a happy ending.

I like this shot for no reason in particular.

I like this shot for no reason in particular. From Grand Bahama.

Nov 14

Scott is back from Water Cay

Scott just returned from Water Cay and again, it was a great trip. In a pretty interesting post, he talks about the “Water Cay Method.”

Fishing at Water Cay is a learning experience for even the most seasoned of anglers. All three of the guides are analytical, good at communicating their methods and have some of the best bonefish eyes I have ever seen. But a warning, if you are the know-it-all type that doesn’t want to try something new, don’t go to Water Cay. But if you want to get better and put some new arrows in your angling quiver, Water Cay should be near the top on your bucket list.

I really do enjoy being out with a great guide, learning new things, putting old things in a new perspective.

Never stop learning.

May 14

The Skink Files – Aragonite mining in Grand Bahama

I think Skink might make the trip from Florida to Grand Bahama to deal with these guys (that’s the link to the full story).

Someone wants to mine aragonite in Grand Bahama. Yes… that Grand Bahama. The Awesome Grand Bahama with all that kick arse fishing and wonderful wildlife. The locals are none too happy.

Omeko Glinton, a professional bonefishing guide at Deep Water Cay for 17 years, added: “This would be one of the most detrimental things anyone could do, not just for the natural habitat, which also includes conch, lobster, bonefish and many more species, but also to the many people who have been using these areas to support them and their families.”


This does not seem like a good place for a mine.

This does not seem like a good place for a mine.

I really, really hope this doesn’t come to pass. Grand Bahama is one of the best bonefish fisheries on the planet. I hope they don’t screw that up.

Jan 14

Your first trip in the salt

Midcurrent has some ideas about where you should go for your first bonefishing trip.

Total Crap! (< attempt at sensationalism)

Actually… spot on.

Bone in GBI

Bone in GBI

Basically… go to the Bahamas.

That’s where I went when I for sure, needed to catch a bonefish. I did. I’ve had it in my head ever since.

The Bahamas makes it easy. The flights are many, as are the fish. There are a lot of price points, the fish are there to be caught. It can sometimes be a crap shoot finding an independent guide, although the lodges usually have top talent.

So… head to the Bahamas.

Oct 13

GBI in the USA Today

This story popped up in my news feed today. A story in the USA Today about Grand Bahama and Freeport.

I like this shot for no reason in particular.

I like this shot for no reason in particular.

I kind of love Freeport/GBI. I seem to be drawn there more and more. I’ll be heading back in February.

I love the beaches and the authentic feel of the place. I love getting in a rental car and heading East, leaving civilization behind and feeling like you are in the Out Islands in just a few minutes. It’s an intriguing place with all the hurricane or economically abandoned ruins of hotels, resorts and homes, giving the island the feel that it only just avoided being overrun by jet skis and Starbucks.

Here’s my Spring Break report from this last year on Grand Bahama.

Oct 13

Hosted Trip – Feb 15-22 – Water Cay Lodge, Grand Bahama

In February (2014) I’m going to be doing a trip to Water Cay Lodge, Grand Bahama Island.

I was there, briefly, back in the Spring. I didn’t get to do much fishing, but my girl stuck some jacks and I got to at least check out the lodge, see the water, meet the owner, Sidney. I liked the lodge and loved the location.

There is room for five more anglers. Leave a comment if you want to hear more about it.

A good sign.

A good sign.

The lodge is not a fancy place. It is a place for anglers. It is a place for long days of fishing and a cold beer after you are off the water. There is no shopping. There are no restaurants to walk to. You are on an island off the main island, so you can’t even drive there or from there.

When you are there, you are there with fellow anglers and you are there to fish.

Who wants to go fishing, eh?

Arrival 2/15. Departure 2/22. Fishing every day in-between. Cost is $3,295 per angler.

Here’s a story from Scott Heywood’s blog about Water Cay and head guide Sidney Thomas.


Apr 13

Pier One Restaurant – Shark Feeding

This is the shark feeding we saw at Pier One Restaurant in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

For a little girl (of 6), who loves sharks, I can think of few things better than this. This was her highlight from the trip.