Some cool permit action from the Chum

I saw this a few weeks ago over at Moldy Chum and I thought “damn… that is cool.”

A permit from Puerto Rico, caught and fitted with an acoustic transmitter. Very fine work conducted by Dr. Andy Danylchuk and team.

Well done.

Funny thing… I met El Guapo from the Chum at the party industry show. There, he says, “You know who I’m meeting after this is Andy Danylchuk. I want to introduce you to him. You should come along.”

Awesome. I got to hear about it first hand and I’m going to try to do some things on the conservation front with Dr. Andy.

… and that is why you go to the show.

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  1. I’ll let you tag and fit mt next permit! Only problem is you have to show up whenever wherever that might be! Oops I should add if there is another one!

  2. Lawrence Snyder

    Snake Island

  3. where in PR was the permit caught?

  4. I believe it was caught in Culebra.

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